Hot dogs under The Dakota

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. Attributed to Plato Ref:..Wikihow.

Hot dogs under The Dakota

The unspoken battle we all face is How to get through life with the least pain. Petie, the character in Hot dogs under The Dakota, sets about this challenge by trying to manage the people around him to improve his lot. When this fails, he turns to witchcraft and then religion, but his problems remain unresolved. Finally, he looks to himself, realizing the answer to coping with life lies within himself.

A fascinating, sometimes disturbing, insight into the lives of ordinary South Africans in 1955 as the country launches itself into full blown destructive Apartheid. Told through the eyes of a twelve year old boy surviving a dysfunctional family, this gritty story of cruelty, duplicity, love- and ultimately murder – is told with insight, compassion and humour. It is a great read. Amazon Books; Paperback and Kindle.

Hot dogs under The Dakota is available at:


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